Oil use of 115bhp VW engine - Halmer
Just wondered why my 2.0 ltr. 8v petrol VW Passat, which I have had from new and is 4.5 years old, regularly needs topping up yet my wife's 1.2 ltr 8v petrol Fiat Punto, which is three years old, never uses a drop.

Both are used every day, usually to work and back (15 miles in total) and both clock 8 -9,000 each year.

Is this normal in both cases?
Oil use of 115bhp VW engine - nortones2
Your oil additives will be supplemented. Hers might be worn out. Its a cunning VW design to ensure the oil is perpetually renewed.
Oil use of 115bhp VW engine - Halmer
Oil use of 115bhp VW engine - Big John
My dads Octavia 2001 2.0ltr 8V 115bhp auto (same VW engine) used a little oil when new but has not used a drop between services since about 12,000 miles.
Oil use of 115bhp VW engine - borasport20
15 miles a day - 7 1/2 miles a journey, - the car probably spends half the journey warming up, and if it is a stop/start journey, that causes the VW 8v four pot to drink oil.

I know, my journey to work was 18 miles (ish) and i soon learned to check the oil every week, but noticed that long journeys never casued the level to drop

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