Peugeot 106: noise on starting off. - madf
SWMBO's beloved 1993 Peugeot 106 1.4 diesel has a problem which has just started to show.

When starting off from rest - in either first or reverse - there is a momentary 2-3 second noise coming from the engine bay sounding like a light metallic tinkling as if a piece of sheet metal is gently hitting another very quickly.

I've had it over the pit and I cannot see any signs of metal to metal contact - the negine mounts appear not to have collapsed and the exhaust mountings appear ok.

I suspect the lower engine mounting -which appears to prevent fore and aft movement - has perished as it flexes easliy when a screwdriver is applied to it.

Would that account for it or has anyone any other ideas?

Many thanks in advance...

Edit: 44k miles, one owner and regularly serviced . Passed MOT in August with no problems....

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