Peugeot 806 your reviews please - egor
Just seen a 806, 02 reg on a forecourt for £5995 only done 23,000 miles was the local peugeot garages demo model.
Done a price check on parkers and its come back at £5340 so not massively inflated, only bad point is its a automatic petrol engine, but on the other hand we dont do high enough miles to make it worth getting a diesel.
Can anybody tell me what these are like on the motorway? Our current car (scenic 1.6 petrol) 75mph and the rev counters at 38,000 and it all gets a bit noisy, i want a car that will sit at 80 and you dont have to keep turning the radio up, talking to passengers.
Peugeot 806 your reviews please - Collos25
It will do 80 ok I hope you mean outside the UK the downside is it will guzzle fuel at that speed and I mean guzze fuel.I also assume you mean 3800 and 38000.
Peugeot 806 your reviews please - Adam {P}
>>It will do 80 ok I hope you mean outside the UK<<

Oh do be quiet Andy for God's sake.
Peugeot 806 your reviews please - stunorthants
Ive never found them to be especially good cars having seen many pass through the trade, none of which seemed that durable or sought after. It wouldnt be my first choice for an MPV.

Your right about the petrol auto being a bad point - auto is fine, but french auto isnt ( never known for their reliability, but atleast its not a Renault auto which can be absolutely dire ) and a petrol large MPV is bad news come resale as majority of people want a diesel, so it will hurt resale, not just in price but that there will be few buyers for such a car.

I would suggest that the auto will be lower geared than a manual as it will have less gears and this is often the case, so perhaps not the best option if low motorway revs is your aim as the top gear on autos is often lower ratio than that on the manual versions.

If you really must have it, id not give them more than £4750 - its likely they will have a bit of trouble shifting a car like that and will be happy to get their money back. They prob only paid £3000 for it so dont feel that your being too cheeky.
Peugeot 806 your reviews please - BobbyG
My dad has an 806 turbo diesel so I can't realy comment on power. fuel consumption etc as it will be irrelevant to your petrol.

What I can say is that it is a really good car for its purpose and the sliding rear doors are a boon for when parking in confined spaces. Very spacious, ok its not the prettiest of designs but loads of room in it and very versatile.
Peugeot 806 your reviews please - Edward
I've got an 02 Synergie diesel. It is much much quieter than my previous Octavia estate - especially road and wind noise (surprising for a bus). Engine noise is low becuase it is only 3000rpm at 70mph and I would imagine that there is a lot of sound proofing around the engine bay.

Sliding doors are brilliant for kids and car parks. Interior and electrics are typically French in quality.
Peugeot 806 your reviews please - daveyjp
One of these was featured on 'Autotrader' last night (Discovery Realtime 9pm). A problem highlighted was with front suspension bushes failing at as little as 40,000 miles and getting replacements is a real problem. I'm not sure how true the statement is though as other comments were made on the programme which didn't ring true.
Peugeot 806 your reviews please - mike hannon
If the Scenic is getting noisy at 38,000 rpm on the motorway it's probably telling you to retract the undercarriage and switch on the afterburner for extra thrust. ;-)
Peugeot 806 your reviews please - wotspur
I had a P reg from New SVTD 806, did 156k over 6 years, before becomming a money pit.
Think it was only a 1.9td, bit underpowered, but otherwise a fantastic ride and the sliding doors a massive benefit.
As previously mentioned at the right price go for it

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