lower engine stabiliser - Rover 600 - desperatedan101
hi all, i have a rover 600 diesel which i have found out needs a new lower engine stabiliser,what i need to know is where can i get one?that is near me (croydon) or by post ? most rover dealers near me seem to have closed down. failing that how can i fix it?
lower engine stabiliser - mfarrow
Is this the mount that sits between the back of the engine and the chassis floor? You'll probably find a factors will do it, as all the parts are/were distributed by a seperate company (used to be Uni-Part).

Mike Farrow
lower engine stabiliser - desperatedan101
no it sits in the front bottom of engine, you dont seem to get it on petrol engines, i may have it wrong it could be called lower engine mount, was told that i could only get it from a reg dealer, anyway thax for your help
lower engine stabiliser - local yokel
See if you can source one from one of the online parts dismantlers. Google "breakers rover 600" and follow the links.
lower engine stabiliser - rover 75
Try Rimmer bros. in Lincoln or an X-part dealer.
lower engine stabiliser - R40
As above. Rimmer bros have a website with parts catalogues online.

lower engine stabiliser - desperatedan101
a big thank-you to all, for your help

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