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My 1997 Peugeot 306 has a fault where the airbag light often flashes on - but it's intermittent and I am reliably told usually caused by a dodgy wire connection somewhere under the front seat. I will get around to looking at it one day, but in the meantime - is this an MOT failure?

PS The handbook also says to renew the bag at 10 years old. Any idea how necessary this might be and of course - how much?
Air Bag & MOT - Altea Ego
Its now universally accepted and now tested that airbag life is much longer than expected. 15 - 20 years is nearer the mark.
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this an MOT failure?

Nope. Airbags aren't yet part of the MOT test.
Air Bag & MOT - Dulwich Estate
A good result all round - thanks x 2.

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