Vauxhall corsa exploding oil filler cap - pumabloke
Hi my girlfriend has a 1997 Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 16V ecotec with about a 100,000 miles. Yesterday she noticed smoke coming from under the bonnet and when it was opened the oil filler cap was lying beside the battery and the oil had covered the manifold causing the smoke. I take it there must be some sort of pressure build up occuring any suggestions what to check? Or is it terminal
Vauxhall corsa exploding oil filler cap - Victorbox
More likely the cap wasn't put on tightly enough the last time the oil was checked. If it is one of the yellow plastic caps it very easy to incorrectly locate one or both of the lugs when you twist it back on.
Vauxhall corsa exploding oil filler cap - Peter D
Place a washing up glove or a mechs glove over the filler and get someone to rev the engine to 4K if the glove flies off into the distance you have a problem, if it does not then the filler cap was not fitted correctly. Regards Peter
Vauxhall corsa exploding oil filler cap - SpamCan61 {P}
I agree with Victorbox, these yellow plastic caps are easy to fit incorrectly. I'd stick it back on and see if it happens again. I'm not familiar with the crankcase breather arrangements on this engine but it is worth checking that they are clear if the car makes a habit of launching the filler cap.

I'm not sure if the rubber glove check is appropriate with these engines, most VXs I've had seem to have a postive crankcase pressure even when the breathers are clear.

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