Parallel imports - arthur2stroke
Thinking of buying a 2.5 litre subaru wrx sportswagon from a parallel importer. Understand that they come in from Malta or Cyprus. What are the drawbacks as there is a saving of £5-6000 compared to a similar UK car from a franchised dealer. Advice please.
Parallel imports - Armitage Shanks {p}
SFAIK they may not be the same spec as UK model and there has been a suggestion that the rustproofing may be less good than on cars going to UK direct - I don't know how likely that is!
Parallel imports - nick
Have you tried for a 'best price' from a main dealer? Try your luck, cars aren't exactly flying out of the showroom now and you might be surprised. Take along your quote as a bargaining chip. You should be able to get a good price for a UK car through a broker too.
I'm not sure that a parallel import will have the full Subaru warranty either.
Parallel imports - colinh
According to the latest EU car pice comparison tables, Subaru offers 3 years unlimited in Cyprus or 100000km/3 years in Malta.
Ex-tax price in Cyprus comparable with UK - Malta cheaper (This is for Outback)


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