Mondeo / airbag problem - RoCas

Can any mechanically minded souls please help a newbie?

My airbag warning light has come on. I know there is a diagnostic code for when it flashes, however, it doesn't flash but is constantly on. I have cleaned the connectors located under the driver's seat but that hasn't solved it.

Could it be a broken circuit due to a blown fuse? Can I remove and replace the fuse without the airbag going off?

What else can I check?

Also, is there a danger that the airbag might deploy at any time whilst I'm driving?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Mondeo / airbag problem - bell boy
if its on permo then realistically its either the power supply to the airbag control module or the unit itself.
has it just come on or have you messed with something lately? a starter charger maybe?
the airbag doesnt deploy if the light is on permo
Mondeo / airbag problem - RoCas
Thanks for the reply, oldman. No, I haven't messed with anything at all - the light just came on out of the blue ... honest, guv :-)

If it's to do with the power supply, does that mean I should check the fuse? Is that ok to do? As you can probably tell, I'm a mechanically clueless female!

Cheers again,

Mondeo / airbag problem - bell boy
sorry but i cant find any applicable fuse for this car ,it may however be at the side of the fusebox and not listed but to be honest your safest bet is to get a competant auto technician to look at it as with it being on permanently it really sounds like it needs sorting soonest

Mondeo / airbag problem - RoCas
Thanks again, oldman. I got a Haynes manual out of the library tonight and it looks like there is a fuse so I'll give it a go .... watch out !!!

Mondeo / airbag problem - elekie&a/c doctor
what year mondeo do you have? I think flash codes are only available up to model year 2000,after that it is diagnostic only thro Obd socket.
Mondeo / airbag problem - RoCas
It's a 1994 L reg; 2 litre SI - but it isn't flashing.

Mondeo / airbag problem - Collos25
Have you looked under the seat to see if the cable has become disconnected.
Mondeo / airbag problem - RoCas
Thanks for the suggestion, Andy, but I have done this - and cleaned the connection.
Mondeo / airbag problem - Chas{P}
Taken from the Ford Technical Information System:

"The ADD (automatic detach detect) circuit is designed to illuminate the air bag warning indicator continuously, if the air bag control module circuit is broken, either by loss of power or ground supply or electrical connector disconnection."

In other words you have a bad or broken connection somewhere. The airbag SRS circuits are not live after 1 minute following battery disconnection.

Would recommend a competent auto electrician if in doubt.

Was Charles {P} but someone c o p i e d my name with spaces.
Mondeo / airbag problem - Robin the Technician
This is a common problem on Peugeots and whilst I'm not saying its the same, it could just be... The connector under the seat needs to be disconnected and then looped, making the system think its still connected. The problem with Pugs was the connectors (even if you've cleaned them). To also eliminate the connectors as suspect, you could (as a temorary test) push a safety pin through both wires creating a connection before the connector itself. If the light goes out then its the plug connections where they are crimped onto the wires or the seat sensor itself. Peugeots actual cure is to remove the plug completely and solder the wires up (for example red to red, black to black) thus eliminating the faulty plug.
This test costs nothing to do before going into other far more expensive test procedures.

Keep us informed of your findings

These are the views of Robin the Technician with 35 years in the trade. I fix, therefore I am...
Mondeo / airbag problem - RoCas
Thanks for taking the time to reply, Chaz & Robin.

Robin, I'll try your suggestions today or tomorrow and I'll post back.

Cheers again to all who have posted here.
Mondeo / airbag problem - elekie&a/c doctor
A fault with the seat belt tensioners or the connections under the seat will cause the airbag light to flash 4 times.As you have a steady light I would suspect a control unit or power/earth supply problem as previously mentioned.

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