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I?m on the lookout for a replacement for my ageing 1997 Passat Tdi, which is rapidly approaching 200,000 miles and MOT time, which I fear may be expensive this time!

I like my cars to be cheap and frugal, and have a habit of buying a car with reasonably high miles and running for a couple of years.

I have seen a 2002 (02 plate) Peugeot 406 Hdi 90 LX with 109,000 miles at a local dealer for £2,895. Whilst not the prettiest in non metallic red, it does seem a bit of a bargain, given that mileage adjusted Glasses retail is £3,895. I?m going to have a look at it, but in the meantime would really appreciate any suggestions for replacement diesels, up to around £3,200.

Cheers all!
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Octavia ??
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As I see it you have two choices - spend £999 on a motor with 12 months MoT and looking like it'll do the next one with nothing more than consumables. Or you spend £4k. Spend £2-£3k and and you can buy a money pit - you can't afford not to put money into it, as your capital has to be protected, so good money after bad, if you get a dog.

Amazing bargains out there at £999 - just look at the price of Primeras for a start. Or another Passat - still plenty around.
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I have just part exchanged my 100k 2002 Hdi 110 estate for £2700. Glass suggest asking £4200 for a private sale. However with leaking high pressure fuel pump, jumping out of 2nd gear, intermittent radio, noisy A/C compressor, new tyres and exhaust required, as well as a door lock repair where some low life tried to get my TOMTOM. Therefore I would not sell the car privately. The car did most of its miles on the motorway but was a daily rental car for its 1st 6 months, which may explain the gearbox problem. I hope that the faults are rectified properly and that it is not unloaded on some unsuspecting person, as it would be a money pit. Therefore at under £3000, I would be suspicious of the car you are offered.

Good luck

Cheap Replacement for Passat - DieselBoy
Thanks for the replies so far. They are interesting in saying that £4k plus is okay, as is <£1000, but avoid anything in the middle.

I've spoken to the trader, who cites "he needs to increase his stock turnover in the short term" for the lower price. I've Glassed up other cars on his forecourt and they all seem to be less than retail, although not to the extent of this 406.

He also gave me the name of the previous owner (Hitachi Capital) and I've been on the phone to them. They're faxing over to me the service print out, which confirms the mileage and all work done, including the cambelt and pulleys less than 8000 miles ago.

I'm going to have a look at it and keep in mind your comments, but at the moment I think it's a goer, unless a) it's an obvious ragger when I see it, or b) someone on here gives me a piece of info that stops me in my tracks!

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I had a 51 plate 406 2.0 hdi (90) for 1 year - i sold it due to getting a company car. I did 35000 miles without a hiccup. superb car. sometimes a mite underpowered, but only if you're trying to pull an outrageous overtaking manouvre. for sitting on the motorway and around town it was great. quiet, economical and very very comfortable.

Cheap Replacement for Passat - DieselBoy
Thanks for everyone's advice....

I went yesterday and viewed the Peugeot. Apart from a couple of light scratches on the osr, everything is a-ok. Mechanically it seems fine, with no mysterious knocking or noises. Exhaust looks amost new, climate blows ice cold and the couple of interior issues are being sorted prior to collection (new catch on glovebox and electric window contacts sorted).

So, the result was, for anyone interested:

Cash price of Peugeot - £2,895
P/Ex (1997 Passat TDi 110 S with 194,500 miles, MOT expiring next month) - £895
Balance to Finance - £2,000

Comes with 6 months tax included (the trader had just taxed it to use himself) and floormats.

Personally, I think that's quite a good deal.

Right, off to the Upsolute website to price up chipping it...



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