1997 MkI Toledo Auto gearbox - joshL

I've just bought a 1997 Mk1 2.0 sport automatic, and have been looking everywhere under the bonnet for the auto gearbox dip stick, as described in the owners manual. All that I can find is a small tube with a blank cover over it.

Does anybody know how to check the gearbox oil?, as it seems its been modified without updating the owners manual.

Also any advice on how to change, refill and what type of oil (dexron II or III) the gearbox would use?

Many thanks for any help!

1997 MkI Toledo Auto gearbox - GregSwain
I'm 99% sure it'd use Dexron 3. They normally have a tube rising out of the box, the dipstick sometimes looks different from a normal engine-oil dipstick. It'll be towards the right of the engine as you look from the front of the car.
1997 MkI Toledo Auto gearbox - joshL

I will check to see if I can see it anywhere, otherwise it looks like a trip to the dealers!!

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