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Quick question - have moved on from the idea of an older diesel as my next car, and contemplating a W124 (petrol) - fab build quality, should be effortless to tour around in, and cheap (well relatively, for a 10+ year old car)

Owners clubs historically have a fantastically over-inflated view of what their cars are worth (observiation from PCGB), and the 'specialists' in the mark also believe that they are worth eye watering amounts.

Auto-trader turns up a few, but where else could I find one?


Best source for a W124 - Pugugly {P}
280034824496 on E-bay. Perhaps there are more of course.
Best source for a W124 - Roger Jones
Back pages of Mercedes Enthusiast magazine. Prices are only asking prices, after all. If you get an independent inspection done, the cost of any liabilities can immediately used to reduce the price.

MBs 10+ years old are getting scarce in the general trade ads (I'm currently looking out for a W126 on behalf of a friend). If you find one in a specialist or club mag, the good thing is that the chances of its having been looked after are higher, if by no means assured. There is a widespread tendency for owners to neglect servicing and repairs on older cars. In my opinion, a main-dealer service history is less important than hard evidence of what has been done and when (invoices, etc.) by a dealer or an independent. Check out HJ's Car-by-Car Breakdown; on M103 (3 litre) and M104 (3.2 litre) engines, bet on a head-gasket job if it has not already been done

As is often said, it's probably worth paying a bit more for a really good 'un than buying what you think is a bargain but which turns out to be a lemon.

I am on my second W124. If you haven't already done so, search the forum for "W124" to find plenty more commentary. I'll try to answer any specific questions if you have some.
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Best source for a W124 - Jono_99
Thanks all - I have just missed out on a E280 in Auto-Trader, which looked very good (and according to CBCB, appears to be the pick of the engines)..

I may take you up on your offer Roger.....


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You do not get many on there but they are all mint.
Best source for a W124 - adverse camber
And presumably gold plated?

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