Honda CVT reliability - expat
It has been some years now since Honda brought out its Jazz with the CVT gearbox. Has anyone here got one and has it been reliable? What sort of mileage has it done? I know that there are theoretical reasons why CVT transmissions should not be as reliable as normal autos but I wondered how the things were actually going in practice.
Honda CVT reliability - Pugugly {P}

should answer that !
Honda CVT reliability - HectorG
Expat, you've no need to worry about the Jazz CVT. I have never read any reports of failure. We have run one for coming up to 2 years and 24,000 miles. Brilliant car and difficult to fault. Steering may be overlight for some but easy in town. Seats are not particularly good on long journeys, but this is true of all modern small cars.

Overall the CVT suits the car really well. I wish they produced a larger car with say a 1.6 petrol with this CVT system then I would replace my 2 cars with one multipurpose vehicle.

Honda CVT reliability - PeterRed
My elderly (mid 70s) Mother-in-law has a 3 year old/36k Jazz CVT. No problems to date and very nice to drive. She prefers it to her old Prelude 2.2Vti but that's a different story........
Honda CVT reliability - mike hannon
Can we hear it then please? Not that I'm paranoid, but I bought my Prelude Vti from a female pensioner who now drives a Jazz CVT...

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