Noisy V reg Daewoo Matiz - steelman
Strange 'drumming' noise coming from I think the front near side drive shaft area. Noise increases with speed and remains when clutch operated at speed to drop the engine revs, therefore seems connected with drive shaft not engine. No obvious play in wheel bearings.No leaks apparent from driveshaft area. Any ideas please?
Noisy V reg Daewoo Matiz - Dynamic Dave
No obvious play in wheel bearings.

Doesn't mean to say that they're not worn.
Does the noise increase or decrease when going round bends?
Tried jacking up the car (and supporting it) and spinning the wheel to see if the noise can still be heard?
Noisy V reg Daewoo Matiz - steelman
Thanks DD.
more investigation reqd I guess.Had front wheel off ground and driven it in 2nd gear but noise not apparent.......can't feel or hear any noise from wheel bearing....guess it has to be either bearing or drive shaft...we can now hear a low\squealing sound on a downhill right hand bend but still not sure which yet.
Noisy V reg Daewoo Matiz - piston power
must agree with dd sounds like wheel bearing , go down a hill knock into neutrel with engine running can you pin point noise/area better??? you don't often feel play in front bearings they just wear and these are the symptons.good luck
Noisy V reg Daewoo Matiz - SjB {P}
Whenever I have had such drumming noises in the past it has been because of tyre wear. The worst case was on my Vectra GSi Estate running a lot of rear positive camber; although the outside tread blocks looked like new because they did little work, the heavily loaded inner ones would end up looking like a subtle gear wheel; tall-short-tall-short, etc. The result was drumming not quite of Landrover proportions, but speed related drumming none the less.

Suggest you look carefully at all your tyres, especially the inner tread blocks normally out of sight.
Also remember such noises often "travel" so may not eminate from where you think they do.

Good luck.
Noisy V reg Daewoo Matiz - SjB {P}
BTW - I should add I suggest as I do because I differentiate drumming from grumbling. If it's grumbing, yes, wheel bearing, especially if cornering-dependent. If drumming - more of an oscillating drone than a grumble - then tyres.

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