Best 7 seater? - telecaster
hi was considering getting a galaxy to use as a taxi, I have since heard horror stories about the gearbox on this model giving trouble............

Would the vw sharan be a better bet? or maybe some of the toyotas?

Any advice greatly appreciated.
Best 7 seater? - cheddar
Up until about now the Galaxy and Sharan (and Seat Alhamabra) were the same car using VW diesel and V6 petrol engines though the Ford version also exclusivley had a Ford 2.3 ltr petrol option that is considered the best petrol variant albeit not quite as powerful as the 1.8T in the Sharan.

However there is now an all new Ford Galaxy that is recieving rave reviews.
Best 7 seater? - jc2
It's a VW g/box.The best petrol is definitely the 2.3 DOHC.
Best 7 seater? - GregSwain
To use as a taxi....try the Hyundai Trajet CRDi - they always get decent write-ups and there's lots of them around here (county Durham) done up as Hackneys and Private Hire. They're very cheap to buy new at the moment, and depreciation isn't too bad if you keep it for a few years.
Best 7 seater? - R.Turpin
Our Previa has done 160,000 miles and never broken down. It seats 7 AND has space for a lot of luggage, yet it is shorter than most big estates. Only disadvantage is poor fuel consumption, so get a diesel. Richard
Best 7 seater? - telecaster
Thanks for the replies, I did a bit of research on the hyundai Greg...........they seem to be thirsty beasts, both petrol and diesel.

I really like the Toyotas as i cabbed a carina e for 340,000 miles..(petrol 1.6 still going strong), but they seem to be hard to find round here.

Have been offered a tempting deal on a Galaxy 1.9 td ztec which is believe is the top of the range model with the 130 bhp engine....................anyone own one or have opinion on them?

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