mk4 golf - dash lower dash removal - steveo3002
i need to remove the lower part of the dash above the pedals on a mk4 golf i can access the pedals as one of em squeaks
mk4 dash lower dash removal - shoei
Is it the clutch pedal? Had mine fixed under warranty.
mk4 dash lower dash removal - steveo3002
yes its the clutch..a quick spray of silicon cured it for 2 months but its dried out now...i was going to lower the dash and grease it properly

do you know if the dealer greases it or relplaces something?
mk4 dash lower dash removal - Victorbox
Don't know if it yours is cable operated but if it is, my experience with Vauxhall clutch cables is you need to get some grease behind the point at which the cable attaches to the pedal to stop the squeak long term.
mk4 dash lower dash removal - steveo3002
so anyone know how to drop the lower dash?? might as well have a go myself?

cant see any obvious fixings
mk4 dash lower dash removal - Big John
On my Octavia (same mechanical layout as MKIV Golf) You can access the pedal assemblys by removing an under dash plastic panel (drivers side) attached by two torque screws at the front. The clutch is hydraulic. For easier access you could remove the seat ( be careful of airbag etc. connectors, disconnect battery!)

I dont think you can drop the lower dash without removing the whole dash!, I think you can remove part of the center console though.

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