Revving 2.0i 16v megane cabriolet - asbo
Rite i have a little problem and im wonderering if any one reading this that may be able to help or give a little of advice what the problem could be if possible please.
I brought a 1998 S-reg Megane 2.0i 16v Cabriolet a couple of weeks back ( Its the version that has the same engine as the Clio Williams Apparently ) the temp gauge rises rapidly to half way or just a little over half way but im not losing any water or oil as i check constantly but temp only rises when i have the heaters on to the 2nd temp bar, also the revs keep sticking between 1500RPm and 2500RPM it varies so cant give a percise RPM,. sorry. The RPM sticks probally 90% of time when the temp gauge shoots up without the heaters on and sometimes when they are on, but the revs stick mostly when either,
1. i have a habit of approaching red lights and as im stopping i just go into neautral instead of going down the gears.
2. When i do go down the gears when approaching to stop
3.Temp getting warm
4. Just as pressing clutch to change down
5. When they rise instead of being 1000 approx RPM if i just touch the peddle with a little rev they unstick and return to what they should be at 1000rpm.

I have had it serviced and still no change, fitted a k & N still no change, new thermostat and still no change. Changing oil and filter tomorrow iv even flushed the engine out with proper engine flush and make it was the MPG has gone to 28.3 miles per gallon because of this RPM problem ehen they rise and stick and cant get it on a diagnostic till weds next week.
Any ideas etc please email me at


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