Student Gumball Rally - NickS
We're planning to take part in the student Gumball rally next year, and have set oursleves a budget of £1000 for a car to do it in. We're thinking Luxo-Barge, shortlist so far is........

Vauxhall Omega 2.5 Estate
Merc E-Class (W124) Estate
BMW 5 Series Touring
Volvo 940/960
Merc S-Class?!?

So guys its over to you, what would you use and why........................
Student Gumball Rally - bell boy
vehicle going from where? to where?
Student Gumball Rally - NickS
Driving from Sheffield to Croatia, down through Germany, Austria etc. Not worried about fuel economy etc, just comfort and reliability
Student Gumball Rally - Westpig
Jag XJ6
Student Gumball Rally - khizman
has anyone actually ever been on these things, are they fun??

one of my friends mentioned which seems reasonable too.
Student Gumball Rally - Sigma
Hi Nick,
I've just got back from the staples to naples £100 banger rally. You have got the right idea with a luxo-barge. We spent a bit of time at the ultracheap end of the auctions...............
In the end we went for a £27 volvo 740 saloon (straight through an MOT and then 3000 miles on the rally without any significant issues). Approximately 30%-40% of cars on the S2N2006 were volvos.
I would tend towards a 940 or 960 saloon (big, comfortable and generally reliable) often estates have an intrinsic value as workhorses and thus carry a premium. They have a lot of space in the engine bay and so can be easily worked upon. Most people don't want to be seen in old volvos or pay for the petrol to run a 2.3-3.0 car. Mercs and BMWs also often have an elevated price relative to their condition due to image. We tried to get an XJ6 but never saw one for less than £275 even with serious problems.
Also keep in mind the safety stuff, especially brakes. The brake fluid on old cars can boil surprisingly quickly and you can be into serious brake fade very fast. I am not sure of your route but S2N does the alpine passes and many of the cars had brake problems.
I would also try to put some miles on the car before the rally to tease out any issues. On S2N 2005 we had a dodgy autobox solenoid that locked out top gear and wouldn't allow us to change up when hot. Not fun if you have 400 miles in front of you.

If you think this is a bit dull you could always apply creative thought.

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Student Gumball Rally - Chicken Vindaloo

Can mature students enter too? SWMBO has just started at Leicester Uni. How far do you think we'll get in her Almera?

Whatever you decide to put your money on, have a great time and remember to report back afterwards.

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