Cameras Without Lines - Brian
Over the past few months I have come across a number of new speed cameras which do not have the familiar distance-marking lines painted on the road.

I am intrigued to know whether:-
They are not yet commissioned OR
They are dummies OR
They are a new type which do not require lines but just register the speed of the passing vehicle.

If the latter is the case, on a multi-lane road how do they differentiate between me doing 30mph and the bus which was overtaking me on the inside doing 45 mph?
Re: Cameras Without Lines - honest john
If they are laser camera they don't need the road markings. However whether the accuracy of such cameras can be effectively challenged in court remains to be seen. Be good to ger Michael Shrimpton QC on the job.

Re: Cameras Without Lines - Nick Ireland
Some cameras don't work off radar either! There are pressure sensitive wires in the road (usually three) and they are a known distance apart and you are timed across those. The cameras look the same but there are no road markings. A typical set is on the A421 at Great Barford between the A1 and Bedford.
Re: Cameras Without Lines - Carl
If you want to be really depressed, have a look at for a full explanation of what speed traps are in use and how they work
Re: Cameras Without Lines - Doug Redfarn
I travel along the A20/M20 each day for work. I've noticed that just before (about 1/2 a mile) where the cameras are, there are white fully painted 'dots' or large circles painted. They seem to be spaced about 1/3rd mile between each other. What do these signify I wonder? Also, on the A20 northbound, before you reach the 'Harvester' (The old Dutch House) there are now a set of induction loops about half a mile before the camera. On the side of the road next to these, you can see where these loops run along to the camera, so presumably you must be 'timed' along the road, so even if you pass the camera at 40mph, if you've gone over the limit beforehand, you will get caught anyway.
Road Markings - andrew smith
I seem to remember that the large dots or squares painted on the road are used to calibrate the speedo's in police cars.
Re: Road Markings - John Slaughter

They are also used by police as useful indicators for checking your speed using VASCAR.


Re: Road Markings - Nick Ireland
I heard that these squares are also used to time you over a fixed distance from police helicopters, as welll as the VASCAR function
Re: Cameras Without Lines -- cruise control can he - Roger Jones
Just an idea to share: I habitually use cruise control to adhere to speed limits. I know that it has its risks -- as HJ reminds us, if you fall asleep at the wheel you will crash at the set speed -- but, apart from its use in relation to speed limits, it also has many benefits in terms of fuel consumption and reduction of stress. £300-400 seems to be the going rate for fitting it. After discovering it in the many hire cars I used in North America during the 1980s, I've had it in all the cars I've owned since.
Re: Road Markings - steve
In an area I,ve visited recently, on the east coast of Essex, I have noticed on two occasions a small Red Peugeot van parked in laybys on residential roads. Placed in front of the van is a speed camara mounted on a low tripod together with a flash light, both of which are hidden by the van, the van is occupied by a police officer.
The question is what would be the legal position if, having no alternative, I parked in front of the van thus obscuring the view of the camara. Would I be commiting an offence and could the officer order me to move my car?.
Re: Road Markings - Brian
If the van is unmarked, you would have no reason to suspect that it was a police vehicle, would you now!
And if you happened to be checking out a suspect headlight flasher switch, e.g. sticky or funny noise, whilst sitting there that would be sheer coincidence (and not visible from the van behind you).
There are similar white and blue (Escort?) vans in the Chelmsford area.
Re: Road Markings - Pat O'Halloran
Hi Roger,

I too got to like cruise control in the States mainly because like you I found driving stress free. I find you comments about fuel economy surprising tho'
because when I use it on my Accord the pedal sinks further to the the floor
for a given speed and I therefore assumed it was using more fuel. I have not
monitored my mpg when using it as yet. Has anybody else got better economy
when using cruise control.



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