406 HDI mystery buttons - Neil Mallory
I've just bought a used 406 HDI (90bhp) Y reg (2001).

There are two added buttons next to the ashtray on the centre console.
One is green and marked P and the other red and marked B.
Both are backlit and once pressed will remain on but only one at a time.
Also if one is on the other will not turn on. Neither can be turned off until the ignition is turned off.

It's clear that this is something after market and not standard Peugeot.

Anyone have any ideas what these could be???

I was thinking maybe some sort of chipping mod but there is no obvious change in peformance when on.
I've unclipped the ashtray and they are still connected to some wiring.
406 HDI mystery buttons - bell boy
the 'p' one is the passenger eject when the seat belt is used.

use wisely
406 HDI mystery buttons - SjB {P}
Is the wiring to these "aftermarket" switches also "aftermarket" red or black, or does it look like original wiring (a primary colour with a secondary stripe or bands in another colour, or solid colour other than red or black)?

Knowing this may help someone (not me as I don't have one) with a 406 workshop manual throw some light on possible functionality.
406 HDI mystery buttons - Altea Ego
Does it have holes in the roof and the remains of letters beinging with P on the side?
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406 HDI mystery buttons - Neil Mallory
They are color coded and banded together with heat shrink. The connections to the switches look like they are soldered on and cannot be disconnected.

The wires go into to dash with no connector visible which is not what I would expect from the standard loom.

406 HDI mystery buttons - Dynamic Dave
Have you thought to ask the person you bought it off of?
406 HDI mystery buttons - Collos25
He will not want to tell him its been a police training pursuit vehicle and absolutley thrashed for 6 years.
406 HDI mystery buttons - cheddar
I was going to ask, is it white?
406 HDI mystery buttons - Collos25
They could be any colour but whites favourite .
406 HDI mystery buttons - teabelly
Ex mini cab or taxi perhaps? The fare meter has to be plumbed in somewhere.
406 HDI mystery buttons - Chad.R
The P stands for "Plainclothes mode" and the B stands for "Battenburg mode"

A system was developed whereby the paint was electromagnetically charged and by altering the direction and amount of charge, the paint particles could be aligned in various directions. The result was different "colours" or in this case patterns at the push of a button.

This system was adapted for Police vehicles so that they could "adapt" to the varying and demanding conditions more readily.

406 HDI mystery buttons - Collos25
Excellent never would have thought of that .
406 HDI mystery buttons - Statistical outlier
You're pulling our leg surely? If not, that's pretty cool, but surely it would be a chav's delight?? Makes blue LEDs look even lamer than they already do.
406 HDI mystery buttons - glowplug
Is that paint manufactured by the same company that make -

Tartan paint
Long stands
Skirting board ladders?
Xantia HDi.

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406 HDI mystery buttons - madf
They are for connection to a mobile phone in event of emergency.

The P button is one you press when you have a simple fault to call out the phone recovery servce.

The B button is for when it has properly broken down , won't start or the electrics have gone AWOL.

Peugeot recognised in later models they had a reliability problem and added these as a no cost supplement to reduce time broken down by the roadside.

Unfortunately the B button is unreliable, cannot stand frequent usage and stops working after 5 to 7 attempts :-))

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