Focus down in power and smoking - mad about diesels
Focus TDCI 1.8 turbo diesel(2003)
Car not near as powerfull as it used to be and putting out a lot of black smoke even at low revs, car quite sore on fuel. Have checked the K and N air filter and it is clean car burning a small amount of engine oil but very little! car has sometime very noisy starting usually when warm!
Focus down in power and smoking - chris oconnor
ok erm it sounds to me like you have got oil in the piston chamber so have a look at the head gasket or the seal to see if its broken hope it helps
Focus down in power and smoking - RichardW
Er, no. There is a well known fault with Ford TDCi engines and their EGR valves that causes them to be mobille smog machines. Your dealer should be able to sort easily.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....

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