Tom Tom downloads - Greenparrot
Has anybody else had problems downloading from the Tom Tom site? I thought it was just me until I spoke to a couple of colleages who like me have bought, attempted to download & failed.
if anybody has any advice on what I'm doing wrong I would appreciate it as it's not alowing me to fully utilise an otherwise excellent product.
Tom Tom downloads - shoei
Try and use the forum link at the top of the page.
Tom Tom downloads - buzbee
There is a Tom Tom Home utility on their site that you can download and install and that helps in getting updates, if you have not done that already.

I have download loaded it and also its recent updated version without a problem. I also downloaded a map update for my TT1 and installed it OK. But that is the sum total of my download experience.
Tom Tom downloads - psi
agree with buzbee, new version of TT Home sorted it for me
Tom Tom downloads - Pugugly {P}
Downloaded Plus services for SWMBO's TT7 - no problem.
Tom Tom downloads - Adam {P}
Got a 910 and just use that Tom Tom Home. Automatically does it when I put it in the cradle. No problems and I updated it just the other day.
Tom Tom downloads - Greenparrot
Many thanks for the advice

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