creaky suspension - ford focus estate - caesar
Ive had a nice creaky noise on the rear of my focus estate for a while now and think it is coming from either the anti roll bar links or bushes.
I was just wondering if it is ok to spray the links and bushes with something like wd40 to see if this will quieten the old girl down a bit and if their is something that i should avoid as when i get going im a little slap happy.
Thanks for any advice.
creaky suspension - cheddar
WD40 OK though a silicon spray would be better, Holts do/did one for window rubbers, ideal, otherwise a proprietry one from a hardware shop.

Keep it away from brakes and tyres!!
creaky suspension - bathtub tom
I always used to keep a bottle of old brake fluid (the stuff that had been bled out of the system), just for this sort of purpose. It would lubricate rubber (silicon?) bushes without harming them, and diagnose what was sqeaking. It was usually only necessary after a long dry spell, so it's probably not applicable.
Is it still safe to use on modern components?

Keep away from paintwork and hot surfaces!

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