very slow galaxy 1.9 tdi PD - sgsgsgs
For the last 6 months my Galaxy has been very slow on accelerating and top speed of about 75. It really caused problems in Wales !!!! I have changed the MAF sensor twice - Fuel filter - air and oil filters - and checked intercooler and as many pipes as I could find. The symptons were: acceleration very slow of the mark until hit 2000 rpm and turbo kicked in and then kicked out straight away. I eventually took it to a garage and they diagnosed sticking variable vanes on the turbo. Ford wanted £1500 for a new one - so sent it off to Turbo company who confirmed diagnosis. Turbo rebuilt for £200 and fully tested. Excellent service. Refitted and hoping for a major change in performance - BUT it is slightly better but top speed now only 80mph. I know the turbo is producing boost. I have full code read and it shows no faults? There is no smoke from exhaust. The only sympton I can describe is that the engine feels very rough. between 1000 and 1500 rpm the engine shakes the car - similar to one cylinder not firing.

Any suggestions most welcome as I am at my tether.....
very slow galaxy 1.9 tdi PD - V8Vitesse
Sounds like you've tried a fair few remedies. Do you know of any local diesel engine or VW specialists (being as its a VAG engine in there) and see if they can take a look without dealer prices. What bhp/PS version of the TDi have you got? I had a 2002 Bora 130 TDi and got 51mpg out of it over 105000 miles. It went like a rocket and pulled like a train even in 6th. Brilliant engine.
very slow galaxy 1.9 tdi PD - sgsgsgs
hi - it is the 115 bhp version. I drove it today and had a friend on board. He commented it felt as if a cylinder was not firing. At low revs it vibrates a lot. I am wondering if a injector is blocked - that would also reduce turbo boost a lot I would have thought. Local garage could only find turbo issue.
very slow galaxy 1.9 tdi PD - Aprilia
Does sound like one of the injector units is duff. I would get it to a Diesel specialist - this sort of thing is beyond the capabilities of most local garages - you need equipment, experience and trained technicians. Poke-and-hope is an expensive way to go about fixing a modern Diesel.
very slow galaxy 1.9 tdi PD - rtj70
Get it to a specialist. They should pick up on fault codes too. If it was only acceleration with low revs (reluctance to rev) then could it be the EGR valve.
very slow galaxy 1.9 tdi PD - sgsgsgs
Hi - i have seen articles about the EGR valve. Where is this and can I test it in any way?
very slow galaxy 1.9 tdi PD - sgsgsgs
tookadvice and car going into diesel injection specialist tomorrow - have all the proper diagnostics and years of knowledge. Mind you their eyes rolled up when they found out it was a Galaxy PD engine.......

what this space....
very slow galaxy 1.9 tdi PD - cheddar
It's a VW engine as used in many VW's, Audis, Seats Skodas as well as the Ford Galaxy / VW Sharan / Seat Alhambra, might be worth going to a VW specialist.
very slow galaxy 1.9 tdi PD - sgsgsgs
I have got my Galaxy back from the Diesel specialist. Well - the engine is in tip top condition EXCEPT - the MAF sensor is sending an incorrect reading to the ECU. Apparently this will not show as a code fault because it IS sending a signal. Apparently the ECU thinks the engine is getting about a third of the air it is actually getting and therefore reduces diesel delivery. So the engine lacks power! engine lacks power - turbo boost reduced etc etc etc. The MAF is not a genuine Ford part so I am going to try a genuine one. Mechanic warned against non original MAF sensors as "you never know where they were made" !!
very slow galaxy 1.9 tdi PD - sgsgsgs
New MAF fitted and the difference is amazing.... lesson learnt - an ordinary code read may not detect any fault - you need to check the actual live reading and see that it raises and throttle pressed. Mine was sendign a constant reading regardless of throttle.
very slow galaxy 1.9 tdi PD - glowplug
There's an interesting article in this months Car Mechanics about a Galaxy with a engine problem, They tried replacing a sensor but it didn't fix it so they called in a specialist who diagnosed a faulty turbo with stuck vanes.
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