who knows about immobilisers? Mk2 Golf - dieselfreak
Went to the shop in the ever faithful MK 2 Diesel Golf, only wearing 220k and just past its mot. Running and starting fine, came out, turned the key and the engine turned over lovely then cut out - turned the key again, all the dash lights came on but nothing happens. You can hear the solenoid under the bonnet clicking

Now this car has central locking that packed up ages ago, and has an alarm that was an afterfit, it first stopped making any noise ( no siren) than didnt beep when you pressed the seperate fob ( its not in the key , the car is J reg).

In the past if you turned the ignition key too quick it would immobilise itself, but pressing key fob from various angles in and around the car normally brought it back to life. I think the immobiliser has cut in and for whatever reason will not respond to the key fob any more.

Any ideas how I by pass the alarm/immobiliser forever, as cheaply as poss.??? The car is currently in the supermarket car park

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who knows about immobilisers? - bell boy
when you say you can here the solenoid clicking that means power is going to the starter yes?
if that is the solenoid you mean then the starter bendix is not throwing out which is not an imobiliser problem but either a
starter motor
earth wire

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