2.0i Carina E engine - Greg R
I have a carina e, and at idle the car has a very slight judder. I have noticed this in the Avensis, and even the camry's (1991 model).

Is this normal, and why is it there? What can be done about it to prevent it all together?
2.0i Carina E engine - bell boy
probably at the edge of running too weak and is trying to stall,can you manually slightly increase the tickover?
2.0i Carina E engine - Greg R
The engine runs perfectly on petrol. However, as I have a gas installation, it seems to run fine at idle, but sometimes it drops a little where the car has a judder. I have played with the mix screw and now I think the mixture is probably too strong. Would this be a problem if it is?

2.0i Carina E engine - M.M
In my experience (and the opinion of the gas guy I deal with) gas needs a tip top ign system and more frequent plug changes. So plugs, leads and dist cap that may be fine for petrol could well be the problem.

Had you not mentioned the gas conversion I would still would have said take a look at the plug leads with the fault you describe.

2.0i Carina E engine - Greg R
It is fully serviced, and used mostly on the motorway so the plugs should be very clean. They were replaced very recently anyway!

Oil changed ever 4k, and air filter changed just now.

2.0i Carina E engine - M.M
If plugs newer than 6,000mls they should be OK. Leads and dist cap/coil pack/ht connections next step to check??

2.0i Carina E engine - Roobarb
Try closing the plug gaps,by 0.2mm, and see if things improve
2.0i Carina E engine - bristolmotorspeedway {P}
May not be relevant, as I don't know how similar the engines are but.....

...I had the previous model (F-plate Carina II 2.0i Executive), it was getting on a bit when I had it, 8-10yrs old/60-70k miles. It needed the plugs changed or cleaned at every service to keep it running right, otherwise it would judder and sometimes stall. It was a great shame because it was a lovely old thing when running properly - I think the fact that I did mainly town driving did it no favours at all. Within 2-3k miles of a service the juddering would usually return.
2.0i Carina E engine - Aprilia
LPG imposes higher load on the ignition system (the breakdown voltage is a lot higher). A spell on a 'motorscope' (i.e. Krypton or Sun type machine) to scope the HT profile might pay off.
You can't set the LPG mixture by 'poke and hope' - it needs to go on a gas analyser. There are usually two adjustments on a vapouriser - a 'running mixture' screw and an 'idle bypass screw' - you need gas readout to set these properly.
2.0i Carina E engine - Greg R
I was told in poland that I could adjust the idle screw myself on the vapouriser, and basically I have done this. Will this affect running, or can it damage the engine if it is set wrongly?

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