Travelling during holiday period - BazzaBear {P}
I'm going to visit my sister in Austria over New Years, so this will involve a drive down to Stansted (from Cheshire) at some point.
Now, I can get the flights for £20 each if we go on the 29th, but £1.79 each if we go on the 31st.
I've never travelled during the holiday period before, so can someone with more experience advise me, will the latter be a much worse idea than the former? Am I likely to be sitting in traffic jams for hours?
Travelling during holiday period - cheddar
Look at it this way if it was £300 versus £281.79 would you be bothered with losing two days for such a saving?
Travelling during holiday period - BazzaBear {P}
I see your point, but I won't be losing any days, the only difference it might make would be whether the travel was any worse.
Travelling during holiday period - PoloGirl
Depends what time of day you go. I've found that NYE is generally busy in the morning but dead quiet in the late afternoon, as most people have already got to wherever they need to be for the evening.

Travelling during holiday period - expat
Make sure you can get to the airport for the flight and that you are being met at the other end. I have got caught with cheapo flights that leave when there is no public transport to get there necessitating an expensive taxi trip to the airport. Ryanair are very clever at offering cheap flights when no one wants them or can use them. Convenient times are much more expensive.

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