Toyota Yaris Queries - Edinburgh andy
Hi All,

I am considering replacing my car shortly and one of the cars i was considering was a Toyota Yaris. As i do 18-24 k a year i was considering the possibility of a 2nd hand diesel. However i have a number of queries with a diesel- never had one before..... and this model any advice would be much appreciated

1/ If i bought a diesel one and if someone had filled with petrol could it suddely fail- pumps injectors etc- say 6-9 months down the line???. Is there any tell tail signs that to look?? for eg round about fuel lines, tank that would indicate its been removed to drain petrol.

2/ Does this model have a particle filter and diesel addive that has to be changed after so many miles and if so what would the costs be and at what millage should the filter, fluid be changed at??? im sure i heard some horror stories on the costs involved with this on a diesel although it wasnt a yaris.

3/ What would a typical life expectency be of a tubo unit - assuming serviced correctly and engine left to idel after hard run

Petrol engines

4/ Is the 1.0 ltr yaris a 3cylinder like the aygo??? and if so is it not a bit noisy??

5/ In hj's car by car breakdown it mentions the posability of heavy oil consumption after 40k miles does anyone know what caused this eg rings, bore wear, seals??? and if this is common.

Sorry for the amount of questions but appreciate specialist advice


Toyota Yaris Queries - Hamsafar
I have just had a courtesy car for two weeks, a 3 cylinder Yaris. Avoid this awful engine. It is like a Citroen 2CV.
Also, A couple of years ago, I hired a 1.5VVTI old shape Yaris, sure the engine was much much better as you would expect, but the older Yaris was much better quality too. The new Yaris is as though the Toyota bosses said, "Make a new Yaris, just like the old one, but with cost savings of 30%".
Toyota Yaris Queries - PaulFromMelton
Not sure about your other questions but petrol in a diesel is something I can relate to....

My dear girlfriend once put petrol in our Peugeot 405 TD. All was fine for about 5 minutes or so untill the car reved itself almost to the point of explosion. We couldn't start it after that.

One replacement pump and four injectors later, flushed fuel lines and a change of fuel filter later and all was fine. Did the work myself for about £25. A garage would've charged hundreds!

I don't think it would hang around for a while then make the car go pop. Like I said - it went straight into our fuel lines.
Toyota Yaris Queries - fossyant
The older Yaris is a 4 pot engine - not quite sure when it went to 3 pot - be in in the new model or the later old model.

Our 1.0 (4 pot) has been a fine engine. I'd go for the bigger engined ones if you are doing many miles - the 1.0 needs a fair few revs. Ours sits in town traffic 90% of the time, so it's ideal for that.
Toyota Yaris Queries - henry k
Our 1.0 (4 pot) has been a fine engine. I'd go for the bigger engined ones if you are doing many miles - the 1.0 needs a fair few revs.

I read reports that the 1.0 was buzzy at speed. that is why I hunted for a 1.3 and have been well pleased.

The only problem to date turned out to be my fault.
I moved it a few yards and then it would not restart. I have since learned that I should leave it running for a couple of minutes else the "system" gets confused.
Toyota Yaris Queries - Jaytee
I've had both versions. A 1.3 petrol, 5-dr CDX on an '02' plate, and now I have a 1.4 D-4D diesel on a 54 plate. Both cars are/were excellent. The 1.3 was quieter when cold, but when the diesel is warm, there's not much difference. My diesel does 68 - 70 mpg on local commuting whilst the 1.3 petrol was around 45 - 50 mpg. Diesel is only £50 for a years tax!!

Diesel has much better grunt at lower speedswith less gearchanging necessary. Both cars have excellent build quality. The new versions are too expensive in my view and, if I were to change, it would be for a Jazz. No technical problems with either car and all servicing done by a local independent garage using genuine Toyota service parts.

Due to my motoring pattern of small journeys, I have the oil/filter changed every 6 months at National Tyres for £20!! Both engines are chain-camdrive and benefit I'm sure!

Toyota Yaris Queries - Chad.R
Just to add what has been said before .....

SWMBO bought a used '01 1.3 GLS 5-dr a few years back and it has been faultless. The engine is quite happy around town or on the m'way. (I think the 1.0 is quite noisy at m'way speeds, though the 1.3 isn't exactly quiet!). Seem to acheive around 45mpg consistently on 50/50 m'way/town journeys.

There is more than enough legroom and headroom in the front for people over 6 ft. Rear seat space is adequate. The boot is quite small though.

Would certainly recommend one.
Toyota Yaris Queries - Insect
We have a w-reg one litre, and its had only three faults in 80,000 miles. The remote control for the drivers door mirror is now kaput, the main beam warning bulb has blown and a plastic linkage in the tailgate lock came adrift.
The engine is a good one. It likes to rev, but thanks to VVT still produces a reasonable amount of torque for its size. I don't find it particularly noisy, but the car produces much more road noise than our ancient Citroen ZX estate and lots of other cars I've been in. I suspect that tyre choice is important here - we run ours on cheap M&S tyres with a blocky tread (we live in rural Shropshire) and I don't suppose this helps.
The car regularly returns 50+ mpg, even with my teenage son driving!
Toyota Yaris Queries - helicopter
Would certainly recommend the 1.3 Yaris over the 1 litre. SWMBO has had both.

I took her Yaris out last night to get some petrol and and its , nippy , fun and comfortable for me and I'm over 6 ft and around 16 stone.

Get the GLS if you can, hers is reliable, getting on for 40 k on the clock in the couple of years shes had it and no problems.

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