Pug 306 Aircon failed - LeighB
The aircon has packed up on my 306 2.0 HDi X reg 77,000 miles.
Local independent specialist pressure tested and regassed with dye, after advising that it could still have a leak, but at least we would be able to find out where.
As expected the gas leaked away, on checking today they find it is the evaporator unit that has failed not the usual front pipes or condensor.
This sounds like an expensive repair - he is going to give me a quote - probably several hundred pounds as all the dash has to come out and part only available from Peugeot.
We are planning to replace the car soon, and my question is whether there is any point in spending this sort of money on a car which is to be sold soon. I am not sure what drop in sale price to expect should the aircon be not working?
Any advice please.
Pug 306 Aircon failed - elekie&a/c doctor
Evap replacement on one of these is probably going to cost in excess of £600.No point in spending this type of money on a car like this.I doubt if this will have any effect on the resale price.hth
Pug 306 Aircon failed - LeighB
Many thanks,
You have confirmed my suspicions! I will just hope for the best on a trade in offer.
Pug 306 Aircon failed - Collos25
Have a scout around I have seen them far far cheaper than that.

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