Mondeo 2003 instrument cluster bulb - Gazza
Dear all,

Three of the instrument cluster bulbs have blown on my 2003 (53-reg) Mondeo in the last month. Two comes back to life after a hit to the dashboard and one wouldn't - I think it is just time to change all of them. I guess the automatic lights switching the bulbs on and off many times a day doesn't help their life span!

On this current model Mondeo, how do you take off the surround of the instrument cluster to get to the back to change the bulbs? Any possibility to get to the back of the cluster from reaching up from the footwell or there is just not enough space?

Also, do I have to get them from Ford of are they standard items from motor factors? How much is each of the bulb?

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Mondeo 2003 instrument cluster bulb - cheddar
I guess yours is a facelift model, I have changed one bulb on my 2002 model, some bulbs can be reached by taking the panel below the steering column off however taking the instrument binacle out is not difficult, I followed instructions in the Haynes manual, you have to make sure you disconnect the battery beacuse of the proximity of the airbag wiring, accordingly you will need the radio code and will have to reset the window memory as per the handbook.

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