Barclays Additions Plus Green Flag Cover - Hugo {P}
Has any Barclays Additions Plus account holder actually had to use this benefit?

I ask because SWMBO and I are joint account holders and would each qualify. As I understand it you phone an 0800 number if you break down and they identify you and come and help.

I am concerned with the effective identification as one who qualifies. I know Green Flag seem to be OK at the coming to help bit.

Barclays Additions Plus Green Flag Cover - Steve Pearce
I have it but haven't had cause to use it yet. The card you get is generic with just the 0800 number on, no individual
member number on the card.
Barclays Additions Plus Green Flag Cover - Falkirk Bairn
Girl carshed near my house and called AN OTher Breakdown linked to the Fancy Fee Paying Current Account - she spent 20 mins on my phone trying to get them out - she paid for the uplift and then said she would claim it back later - not having a specific membership number / registered car no. was the problem

If like other Banks the cover is minimal thye charge you top rate for upgrades - can be cheaper to go a Joe Bloggs via the Internet and get that offer. Worth a look as many people want Relay/at home etc which is not in the basic covberage via the Cheque account.
Barclays Additions Plus Green Flag Cover - Steve Pearce
From what I remember from the stuff sent to me, the cover is comprehensive and includes recovery. All I can get from the Barclays website is:

"Total Protection breakdown cover from Green Flag."

I'll check when I get home.

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