Combined MPG shock.... - stevied
Really dull topic, and I apologise....

My old Fabia vRS was supposed to do 55.4mpg overall, but I rarely managed more than 48.

My new A3 is supposed to do 46.9 or thereabouts and does almost exactly that (except when I get excited and zoom off down back lanes wagging my DSG paddles).

There you go! Exciting hey?
Combined MPG shock.... - Gromit {P}
I would guess that's because the DSG 'box always changes up or down at the same point under the same driving conditions, whereas there'll be more variation between drivers using a manual gearbox.

Hence, as soon as you start wagging paddles, MPG drops...
Combined MPG shock.... - stevied
Good point. It does seem a very efficient gearbox. It drives like me in sport mode, and you can still cane it in 'D' mode.

However, for all my liking my new toy, I have to say that having hired a 911 recently (mentioned in another post so I won't bore you with the details) I am spoilt now. You can't beat a 6 speed manual gearchange, a bendy road and a proper sports car. Yes, I know the engine's in the wrong place. Yes, I know it's a yuppie cliché. Yes I know it's 145 years old. How much do I want one?!! Oh, and it didn't even use much fuel.

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