tyres - adam f
i am gonna put 2 new tyres on the front of my car so i thought i would see what the prices are online.

tyre size is 205 50 15. found budgets from £33 but i found bridgestones for £37each . that is good isnt it, or they are £49 fitted.
tyres - GregSwain
If the Bridgestones are only £4 more than the budgets, you'd be mad to fit the budgets.
tyres - adam f
i am just quite shocked as i thought that they were around 80 a tyre
tyres - Falkirk Bairn
If you read Auto Express - last week or the week before, the 3rd best tyre overall was Marshall (Kumho are the makers)
- a Budget brand from Korea.

Vredestin (Dutch) was regarded as the best

So Brand name & higher price does not necessarily get the better tyre.
tyres - cheddar
Which pattern Bridgestones?

Ask your tyre centre to quote for Falken tyres, very good by all accounts, I have been quoted a best price of £210 for two Bridgstone RE040 205/50-17 fitted and Falken FK452s (v-highly rated) under £155 a pair fitted.
tyres - wonderwheels
If you check on the site


After putting sizes in,there is also links to reviews on selected tyres.Not much in price between "premium" and "budget" brands.I would sway towards the premium brand.

tyres - tyrexpert
I have checked the two main websites quoted often here.

My tyres want £33.40 for a Nankang budget or £55.70 for a Bridgestone RE040 plus of course you have to pay extra for the fitting usually around an extra £12.00
Blackcircles want a whopping £44.48 for a budget and £85.77 for the Bridgestone RE040.
The going rate fully fitted including Vat fitting valve balance and casing disposal is
£32.99 for a budget or £63.99 for a Bridgestone. If you can find genuine Bridgestones at £37 inc vat bite their hands off or let me know where I`ll take a quick 200 or so....
Other prices to compare in this size are as follows: Avon £53.99 Conti £66.99
Firestone £52.99 Michelin £69.99 Goodyear £54.99 Pirelli £66.99 Uniroyal £51.99
Dunlop £64.99 or finally Marshall/Kumho £44.99.....
tyres - Red Baron
Yes, that Auto Express article. I read that too.

When I popped to my local tyre fitter, according to them, Auto Express and Vredestein had been seen sharing a stand at some exhibition.


Anyway, I've recently ordered some Pirelli P5000 Drago for the Alfa at £78 (185/60/14) for two as the Bridgestones (RE720) are getting scarce and old.
tyres - adam f
the site is

they have a lot off cheap tyres. its just under a tenner for delivery if not having a fully fitted quote, and around 12 quid for fitting.

tyres - tyrexpert
the site is
they have a lot off cheap tyres. its just under a
tenner for delivery if not having a fully fitted quote, and
around 12 quid for fitting.

I have just had a look at this site OH DEAR OH VERY VERY DEAR!!!!!!

1. The Bridgestone you mention from the site is the B530. This tyre has been obsolete for some time. I am surprised there are any still hanging around. No wonder they are selling them cheap.
I note the following prices from there site including their £12.00 fitting fee + £9.45 for delivery.
The current Bridgestone RE040 £82.50 Nankang budget £57.00 Firestone £70.50
Dunlop £82.40 Pirelli £85.20 Continental £86.50 Michelin £95.50.

Compare these to my previous post on this thread.

Yet another example of overpriced internet tyre sites !!!!!!!!!!!

tyres - George Porge
Might be worth posting the area in which you live Adam, then maybe someone could recommend a local supplier? (;O)
tyres - cheddar
Have a look here:


£40.57 each + £10/pair delivery = £90.57, pay your local tyre fitter £25 to fit them and you have two fitted tyres for under £60 each. A well respected brand too.
tyres - Roly93
Yet another example of overpriced internet tyre sites !!!!!!!!!!!

I can't understand this comment unless you are saying that all internet tyre sites are overpriced, as I've found Valuetyres pretty much the same price and in some cases cheaper than MyTyres, Blackcircles etc.
tyres - adam f
i just thought if it was bridgestone then it must be good.

i live in crawley, west sussex - by gatwick airport
tyres - Group B
>> Yet another example of overpriced internet tyre sites !!!!!!!!!!!

I can't understand this comment unless you are saying that all
internet tyre sites are overpriced,

The last three times I have had tyres fitted, local independant tyre places have been cheaper than Mytyres and Blackcircles. Not a lot cheaper, but still cheaper. I've not looked at Valuetyres. I look at brands, tread patterns and test results on Mytyres, then shop around locally for prices.

tyres - adam f
what about tiger prima tyres from national. are they good?
tyres - DP
Give Micheldever Tyres a call. (01962) 774437

They're a 50 mile round trip for me, and I usually save the fuel cost ten times over on a pair of tyres as opposed to nipping down the road to Kwik Fit or the like.

Probably a bit far for you (about twice the distance), but you might be surprised.

My best result from there: 2x 195/50 V 15 Goodyear Eagle Venturas for the MX-5 - £78 the pair inc fitting, balance, new valve and VAT. Kwik Fit wanted £152 for the same thing. 50 miles is nothing to get these prices.

Worth a phone call for comparison at least.

tyres - marilyn
Can you still get the Venturas? I found these were excellent tyres but I was told they had stopped making them. I have just had Falkens put on the front of my Rover 1.8 and have found that they are very noisy compared to the Goodrich's which were fitted before. Also they tramline really badly. I agree that the price was good but it was stressed to me that these were budget tyres but perfectly ok. The tyre fitter did say that as I will need new tyres on the back fairly soon then I might want to swap the Falkens to the back and have a more expensive tyre on the front - finances are a bit tight at the moment. I wouldn't fit Falkens again. Micheldever is just down the road from me so next time will phone them for prices. Thanks.

tyres - DP
Sorry - forgot to add this was about 18 mths ago, but yes I agree the Venturas were brilliant. One of the best wet weather tyres I've tried. I was also a big fan of the Eagle NCT2 which the Venturas replaced (the one with the weird diagonal tread pattern)

I have a pair of Falken ZE512's on the front of the Mondeo at the moment and they're OK for the £30-something each Micheldever charged me. This car spends most of its time on rush hour motorways at 30-60 mph and gets plodded everywhere else, so I wasn't too fussed. They're OK - no noisier than the Dunlop SP Sports that were on it before, and probably actually a little bit gripper in the wet.

Both SWMBO and I used to thrash the MX-5 everywhere, so we were a little more discerning. The Venturas worked brilliantly and lasted well. Much better in all respects than the OEM Michelin Pilots.

tyres - tyrexpert
If you think the Goodyear Ventura a good tyre then you ought to try its replacement the
Hydragrip, a significant improvement.

Tigar are a budget tyre made in Hungary....
tyres - M.M
I've long championed the Ventura as one of the best tyres around purely for its staggering levels of wet road grip. Very good for the odd off road trip too (like towing off wet grass). They are also some of the nicest riding tyres out there. I managed to find one of the last pairs left on the shelf last year to keep to a set of 4 but now need two more.

So Hydragrip next? When you say better... in what way?

My only slight niggle with the Ventura was that their softness gave rise to a slight lack of initial turn-in response. If they've improved that and kept the same wet grip levels then the Hydragrips will be what I'll get next.

tyres - tyrexpert
Came top in Autocars tyre test of 04 and I believe 05. It won all the wet tests when compared to the Pirelli P6 , the Dunlop SP01, the Bridgestone ER30, and the Michelin Primacy......

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