Nissan Primera 2.18 Diesel 04 - Bowlsmad
Can somebody help. After having a 24,000 mile service my Primera was returned to me. The next day I experienced loss of power after idle. I found that if I switched engine off and restarted the power was restored. If clutch was disengaged the revs would return. Reported this to dealer who had car in for inspection and they recalibrated fuel pump. Fault not rectified. The dealer has also re-programmed the engine management system. On one journey the fault occurred and an engine symbol was showing on dash with instruction "there may have been a malfuntion in the engine management system. Do not drive at high speed and contact Nissan Dealer a.s.a.p. Dealer then found bad earth and replaced. Fault still not rectified. After putting up with this situation for over 6 months the car is still not performing properly. The dealer is now saying that it could be a problem with the fuel pump. If this is the caseand they strip it down and if they find corrosion due to water penetration then my warranty would not be valid and I am looking at a £2,000 bill. How can this be? I still have two years to run on my warranty. How can I tell if they are being truthful or trying to get out of their obligations under the warranty? Thanks
Pam Harris
Nissan Primera 2.18 Diesel 04 - scott1s
Sorry about late reply. Get them to check boost sensor and throttle sensor. I had a smilar problem which didn't show up when connected to Consult but when checked properly showed up. Worth a look.

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