Astra diesel question - Kingpin
Can anyone confirm if a 2001/2002 Astra DTi 1.7 is 'common rail' or did this get introduced with the later CDTi 1.7 engine? Would I be right in thinking the earlier 1.7 is a smaller version of the 2.0 DI engine or is it an updated version of the original 1.7 Isuzu diesel engine seen in older models and Vectra?
I am looking to buy one and would prefer the non common rail thinking about simplicity and using bio fuels.

Astra diesel question - elekie&a/c doctor
The Y17dt is not a common rail diesel and yes it is an updated version of the original Isuzu unit fitted to previous GM models.Btw the 1.3 cdti fitted to the corsa is a Fiat multijet common rail diesel.hth

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