1997 astra fan belt - murph
i have a problem.its driving me mad.if any one can help id appreciate it. the mount holding the power steering pump fell off and so did the fan belt. the is fixed its fine but the belt is far to lose. its got about 3 or 4 inches free play.
as far as i can see there isnt any other pulleys in there to take up the slack, and all the other pulleys cant be adjusted.
if any has had the same problem could you please put me out of my misery.
cheers to ya in advance
1997 astra fan belt - yorkiebar
If its been repaired correctly and is in the same position as it was before then the belt must be routed incorrectly i would suggest?
1997 astra fan belt - murph
its as right as could be as far as i can see. the only pulley tats really moved is the power steering pump. and that only bolts on in one position. as far as being routed wrong i cant figure out any other way it could go on.its a teaser for sure

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