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Here's a seemingly simple question, but one that I'm struggling to find an answer for.

I have recently bought an BMW 530D Sport (E39) advertised with the preferred and desirable FBMWSH. On closer inspection to the service book the last two services (20K miles apart) are Oil Services, surely this is incorrect?

The service book indicates that services performed so far are:
Oil Service 21K
Inspection I 42K
Oil Service 59K
Oil Service 79k

Shouldn't the last Oil Service be an Inspection II?

Both the car trader I bought the car off and the BMW dealer who serviced it confirm that an Oil Service was requested and performed - but should it have been done without question and does this mean the car that I bought does indeed have a FBMWSH or not?

What I need to find is a document, preferably from a BMW source, that dictates the servicing sequence that (I believe) my car should have received.

Many, many thanks in advance,

BMW service sequence - documented? - Pugugly {P}

Being a saddo I kept a copy of the Service Manual for my E39 it reads thus on page 7:-

Oil Service
Inspection I
Oil Service
Inspection II

It could be an error on the dealer's behalf, you need to check the bills and or the Delaer's record, they are quite helpful. It should have had a new air filter and fuel filter as a standard swap. I can e-mail you copies of my copies if you want.

BMW service sequence - documented? - Dalglish
.. BMW dealer who serviced it confirm that an Oil Service was requested and performed ..


the owner should have asked for an inspection 2 service if he/she wanted to comply with bmw's recommnedations.
there is no compulsion on the dealer to do any service.
the service performed can only be as requested by the owner.
if he/she asked for "oil service" only, that is what will be done.

in my opinion: as for whether this counts as a "fbmwsh" - that is a point you would have to ask a court to settle. personally, as i see it, your car has had a full bmw dealer service history. it may not comply with the full bmw recommendations, but nonetheless it is a full history of all services performed by a bmw dealer.

i.m.o. the term full history is meaningless until and unless it is defined by the seller to you at the point of sale to represent a particular definition and is described/detailed in the contract to have such a meaning.

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I have the BMW E39 document set as distributed by the factory.

The Inspection I and II are very similar (Insp. I is 1.45 hrs, Insp II is 1.7 hours). Oil and pollen filters are done on both (as well as lots of checks), but Insp II adds air filter and primary fuel filter as mentioned above. Your car therefore needs all these filters to be replaced, ideally ASAP since they are well overdue now.
An 'oil service' is just a 1/4 hour oil and filter change.

Note that BMWs also need a two-yearly brake fluid change and a four-yearly coolant change (most important) - have these been done?

FSH is to be taken with a pinch of salt - its a very loose term. You need to check what has actually been done on the car.
BMW service sequence - documented? - Chips with everything
Thanks for the all the replies.

As you may have suspected, I'm taking this matter through the small claims court at the moment, as there are some other issues that I believe should have been dealt with prior to the sale.

I've actually had the car serviced by a very reputable local independant BMW (and Porsche!) specialist, so the filters have been done. The coolant change is due in the next 6 months or so, whilst the brake fluid had already been done by the previous owner.

Thanks again, it's very much appreciated.
BMW service sequence - documented? - Bill Payer
My MB flipped from A to B service a few days before I took it in for its first service. It was done while I waited and they pointed out it was requested a B service but where happy to only do an A.

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