Almera oil leak - mare
I've noticed an oil leak on my 1997 R reg 1.4 Almera.

I can't identify exactly where the leak is but there are drops on the undertray roughly in line with the offside engine mount, sort of between the end of the engine and the alternator. I'm guessing that a seal on the end of the crank or similar has gone, but hope not. It's not a bad leak, just a few drops over night. The dipstick tells me that the sumps half full, last oil change was in December 2005.

Has anybody on here had experience of such an oil leak in these cars. All answers appreciated.

Almera oil leak - GregSwain
I've had two Nissans with the GA14 engine and both have been completely oil-tight, not using a drop between services! Maybe it's a camchain-cover gasket? Maybe even the sump gasket?

Could possibly be a crankshaft leak, although I'd expect it to leak more if it was....touch around the bottom of the pulley and see if it's oily. It's not exactly a huge leak, so top up with a few glugs of 10w40 semi-synthetic, and next time you get it serviced and it's up on the ramp, get the mechanic to have a look for the source of the leak.

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