Indestructable Peugeot 309 - Spanner
In 2002, I bought a cheap 1992 Pug 309 diesel with 110,000 miles on it and a bit of service history. It was the sort of hack that you don't mind leaving in railway station carparks etc.
Well, four lears later and now with 166,000 miles on it, said car is still going strong, doesn't burn oil, and is still returning 53 mpg!! Even allowing for it's 5 percent overeading odometer, fuel consumption works out to 51 mpg.
The car is also used as an automotive experiment.
Apart from safety checks/annual MOT test, it never misses a beat despite the 15,000 to 18,000 miles annual mileage. The MOT testing garage are always amazed at the low smoke readings.
What amazes me about these PSA engines is that the car has never had an oil change at the recommened 6,000 mile interval. In fact most years, it has gone 10,000 and even 15,000 miles before oil changes.
However I regularly change the coolant and use top branded antifreeze. What oil it does get is always semi-synth oil and I do keep to the schedule for fuel filter replacement intervals to protect the injection pump.
Last year I replaced the cylinder head gasket as these are a known weakspot on the XU engines. It hadn't failed but thought it prudent to replace it because of the mileage and use the car gets. Whilst the head was off I also replaced the valve stem oil seals as they were baked hard and not doing the job.
Cylinder bore wear was well within text book limits and the honing looked nigh on perfect! What an engine!

Just to prove how reliable the car is, it has just returned from a tour around North Devon, Exmoor, Somerset and Porlock Hill, although fully laden, Porlock Hill was 'interesting'.
I suppose that the main reason why the car is still reliable is that I cover about 15 to 18K miles per year and mostly on motorways to and from work. But I don't pussyfoot around, so the car sits at 75 to 80 mph all day (where conditions allow)
I firmly believe that the 309 was one of the best designs (originally it was to be badged a Talbot when it first came out) that Peugeot came up with, and having owned a 306 TD (never again) the 309 was a much better product.
Anyone else out there had good ownership experience with the 309?

Indestructable Peugeot 309 - ajit
I had a 309 SRi in my youth which I really pushed. Ran it from 24000 to 80000 miles. With the exception of an ignition misfire it never missed a beat. Needed to replace the front struts at 30000 miles due to living in a house where one needed to mount the pavement (I moved out after that!). Other than wear and tear items, it just went on. Clutch was original, brake discs replaced at 70000 miles. Rear tyres lasted till 60000 miles and fronts replaced every 12000 miles. I must admit that I drove "enthusiatically"

I never skimped on services and upto 60000 miles went to PSA dealers until I found a very competent independent next door.

Only grouse - plasticy dash. I had originally gone to the dealer to buy a 1986 205 GTi with 40k miles for 5500 pounds in 1990 but it was sold. Salesman chucked me the keys of the 309 and said take that for a spin. It was even better as it was less twitchy and being a year younger with 24k miles going for the same prices (got it down to 5300 + free service + tax), it was a better bargain and insurance was 200 pounds cheaper. Never attracted cops and thieves -used to park in Leds, Bradford and Manchester in mmy student days.

Reluctantly sold it as I moved to India for 1700 pounds - was a bit difficult to sell st that time with the anti GTi sentiment and 309 looks. But 2700 pounds depreciation over 57000 miles was good value. Carwas clean if getting slightly ropey. As it was clean and I had a sheaf of papers backing up its history, the next owner got a good deal

Frankly, it still is the best drivers car that I ever owned (I drive a warmed up Honda - not a patch)
Indestructable Peugeot 309 - Martin1981
I paid £1000 for a 1991 Peugeot 309 1.9D with 120k on the clock as my first car back in 2000. Bought it off a bloke who my dad used to be friends with and although I thought the asking price was a bit high, I knew the car was well maintained as he was a mechanic by trade. I ran it for 2 and a half years before a roundabout shunt got the better of it. In that time I covered nearly 30 k and all it needed apart from 6 k oil changes, a cambelt and coolant change was a battery, an exhaust rear box, a tyre, track rod end and two driveshaft gaiters. Never let me down once. People at Uni made fun of it because of its looks but I can honestly say I'd probably still have that car now if it wasn't for the crash. Was cheap as chips to run, averaged 50 mpg but got nearer 60 on some long steady runs, was nippy for a non-turbo diesel and handled great despite its lack of power steering. I've since been driving a 1994 306 TD, which I prefer in many ways to the 309 i.e. looks, more equipment and quicker but its been less than half as reliable than the 309 was, having endured leaking radiator, head gasket, turbo oil seals and steering rack failure. The 309 for me was certainly the no-frills car of value and reliablity.

Indestructable Peugeot 309 - LeighB
I bought an ex demo E reg 309GTi at 11000miles, and ran it as my everyday work car until shortly before I retired. I had meant to keep it longer but lost an argument with the rear of a panel truck! (I thought he was going at a T junction and he changed his mind)
It had done about 140000 then IIRC. Only problems were a broken clutch cable, and a rad leak.
Most fun car to drive since an XK 120 I had in the 1960s
Great performance and handling and still did about 30mpg.
Indestructable Peugeot 309 - PhilW
Spanner, you can't beat an XUD for longevity! Had 3 - 170k, 150k and 100k and none of them had a spanner laid on them except for the odd glowplug.
However, your engine is a youngster - have a read of this! And many more happy miles to you!

"I drive a BX diesel which I use as a taxi. It's my 5th. BX 19 diesel & all gave me the greatest satisfaction in both reliability & economy. I still have my 1987 BX which I cannibalise for spares, not that I need many. It was retired for 'scrap' after a crash @ 350,000 miles. It's replacement was sold off for less than the value of its parts @ 450,000 miles; one has been retired to my driveway @ 740,000 miles & my current workhorse is now @ 380,000 miles. I've never changed a wheel-bearing, only one gearbox and a few suspension bits; one major engine overhaul; two head-jobs but never a tow-home failure"
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Indestructable Peugeot 309 - springyboy
I've got a 1.3 petrol 309, done 139000, been reliable and cheap to run. Valve stem oil seals could do with replacing but otherwise it's fine, Gives up to 50mpg cruising at 60mph. At this age it is silly things that start to appear like the window winder mechanism that gets pretty worn and the tail gate struts that no longer support the weight. Of course it is hopelessly outdated by todays standards but it owes me nothing and is easy to maintain with just a simple tool kit. Another advantage of running an old car like this is when the kids need to learn, and then get insured!
Overall I reckon this was a good Peugeot.
Indestructable Peugeot 309 - Crinkly Dave
Mine 309 diesel is on 187K, but the petrol 405 is just clocking 234K

Both pass MOTs on emissions without problems, and the only really problems have been corrosion (pretty minor on the 405) and bushes (ever since the dreaded speedhumps)

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