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My Micra has the original manufacturers battery in which is now over six years old. One of the terminals is covered in white battery acid powder, I keep wiping it clean but it just returns. Is this a sign that I am needing a new battery? Apart from this there are no problems with it.
Micra 2000 Battery Advice - bell boy
wash the terminals with a kettle of water and then cover the terminals in vaseline,your problem wont return.
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In the 'good old days' we were also encouraged to also use a strong solution of bicarbonate of soda to neutralise any battery acid that may have escaped.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
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Although the bicarb would to some extent neutralise the acid, the consequences of any of this entering the battery would be serious. Hot water should be fine, but I would suggest disconnecting both terminal posts (caution: radio code etc. ) cleaning the underside of the terminal lugs and the posts thoroughly and applying vaseline to all surfaces before assembly. Finally, coat the terminals with a film of vaseline.

The magical property of vaseline for electrical contacts is that it is acid proof. Electrolytic corrosion will "grow" through ordinary grease, but vaseline stops corrosion in its tracks.

Micra 2000 Battery Advice - MW
I agree. I don't like the idea of lots of water sloshing around the battery. The problem is that the water will not get into the corroded contact areas anyway.
At this time of the year, with winter coming, it is a good idea to take the battery out and clean up the casing anyway,. Then top it up, and put it on a trickle charge over-night. Clean up all the terminals and leads till they are nice and clean. Then vasaline it, and reinstall. Also grease the securing fixing. If it is a bolt, do the thread. In recent years I use copper paste as I suspect the electrical conductivity is higher, but both this a vasaline seem fine.
Micra 2000 Battery Advice - bell boy

if the OP follows MW"s advice just be warned that you need to disconect the battery terminals before the clamp as these have a habit of spinning round and shorting as you undo them on micra"s

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