State of California sues car firms ! - cheddar
This is just daft, it is like suing Stanley because one of their hammer is used in a crime!

As long as the manufacturers are taking steps to improve consumption and emmisions with each respective new model then surely it is the user of the vehicle that should pay the price via fuel tax etc.

How can the manufacturer control what someone does with a 10 year old worn out wrongly maintained vehicle, how can they determine whether every journey the vehicle undertakes is necessary, is done so via the shortest route, that the vehicle is driven correctly etc etc etc etc.
State of California sues car firms ! - cheddar
Doh ... hammers !
State of California sues car firms ! - Round The Bend
Classic American culture, somethings wrong and someone has to pay.
Americans head for the courts, over here we'd just demand an apology
State of California sues car firms ! - mk124
Absolutly crazy! Could the small pacific island states that will be wiped out by rising sea levels sue america for producing so much carbon dioxide? Could I vegans sue all the cattle farmers who produce methane?
However crazy this sounds there have been legal presedents for this kind of thing in America. In the mid west there were/are lots of mining firms. Before anyone considered the envrionment the firms caused extensive damage to the local envirnment, releasing lots of chemicals into streams etc. At some point American law makers took note and imposed big fines on these firms, even if they had long ago shut down their mines and moved on to diffrent business activities. Lot's of these fines were not just fines for punishments sake, but to help fund the clean up effort though. America now imposes taxes and heavy regulations on mining firms.
I only hope in this intance though that the car makers points out that the sources of greenhouse gases are too diffuse to blame any nation or industry for global warming. We must reform our tax and regulatory rules and ensue an inclusive market for greenhouse gases is set up on a global scale. The future is not me sueing my local power station because I could not make a snowman this year!
State of California sues car firms ! - Altea Ego
The answer is simple. Auto makers only sell small compact cars to cal er for knee anns. They are not allowed to own or run any cars above 1300cc's.

Lets see how long theirr state legislature would survive in office after that one.
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State of California sues car firms ! - mk124
Prehapps the car makers could sign a petition to destroy Arnolds fleet of hummers
State of California sues car firms ! - artful dodger {P}
I believe there are elections in California this year. Great headline grabber with little chance of success.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
State of California sues car firms ! - colin-e
Can we sue California for all the duff re-makes of movies that Hollywood is currently peddling??

If I see Mark Wahlberg in another re-make I'll blow his doors off!!
State of California sues car firms ! - Cliff Pope
It's a bit like holding drug companies responsible for unforeseen side effects, or otherwise sane people responsible for electing this government.
State of California sues car firms ! - Westpig
i'd love to know how this is supposed to work.......

if you're car company no.6 being sued (out of 6), how would you feel about the next most polluting or next most popular make sold/used in California not being sued (i.e. company no.7)........ as surely they would need to pay their way as well

...and company no.15 might be considerably more polluting than company no.5, which would even up their responsibilities to the environment, yet they wouldn't be sued


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