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Just swapped the radio/cassette out of my Daughters '02 Corsa for a CDR 2005 CD player. All works fine but i would like to change the steering wheel for the same type with audio controls fitted. Is it a straight change or is a harness needed as well? I suspect its already wired but I would appreciate some expertise on the matter.

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'02 Corsa steering wheel audio control - Victorbox
Answer to the wiring is "probably". I see enough of these steering wheels for sale (new old stock) at the All Vauxhall Rally each year - so someone must be fitting them.
If you fit the new wheel with its airbag, I believe you will need a Vauxhall dealer to code the airbag to the car so it might be worth asking a friendly one about the wiring first - certainly my local VX dealer would give free advice.
'02 Corsa steering wheel audio control - Aprilia
The audio control signals must pass through the clockspring. Would be worth ringing the GM dealer and asking if there are two different part nos for the clocksprings (one with audio and one without).

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