97 Passat dash air vent removal - Ritz-dog
Does anyone know how to remove the central airvents from the dash of a B5 passat?? I have tried a small flat-head screwdriver and a little force but they won't come out and I don't want to break them or damage the dash face. Am I missing a technique or a hidden screw?

Thanks in advance
97 Passat dash air vent removal - Halmer
Why do you need to remove them?
97 Passat dash air vent removal - psi
Take two flat head screw drivers or two butter knives and insert them in-between the upper and lower housing and the dash. Carefully pry up on the top and down on the bottom until the vent starts to move. There is 4 notches that hold the small vents in and 6 that hold the main center vent in. The dash will be pushed away from the vent, but don't be alarmed, the dash is tough. Once the vent has begun the move out of the dash, carefully pull out the vent. It might be hard at first, the seal that holds the vent to the duct is sticky. Once out, unplug the wire connector from the vent and remove.
97 Passat dash air vent removal - psi
ohh pictures as well!
www.passatworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=177981 think its the same on your B5

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