52 reg Audi A4 £3500 - a good price?? - bbroomlea{P}
Looks like I may be getting an Audi A4TDi on 52 plate with the 130bhp engine with 6 speed box.

Will be buying it from my Dad as its curently his company car and coming off fleet in 4 weeks time and the company wants £3500 for it.

It will need MoT and will have done 110,000 miles or thereabouts and not long ago had a full service that was nearly £1000 as it needed a few suspension bushes and a couple of tyres.

Is this a good price or a money pit? Been looked after but dont want something to go wrong and cost a fortune to fix as its only replacing my girlfriends old Rover 200 and she doesnt do that many miles.

Any opinions really appreciated.
52 reg Audi A4 £3500 - a good price?? - adverse camber
will it have had the timing belt done ? due at 120K. replace the tensioners/belt and water pump - quite a big job. See if its been done and get a few quotes from a decent specialist if not. You need to factor that cost into the purchase price.

3500 sounds OK though esp if you know it has good history and has been well looked after.
52 reg Audi A4 £3500 - a good price?? - bbroomlea{P}
Should have mentioned that the timing belt will be coming up for replacement. It was done at 60K but I dont think the waterpump was done at the same time. Is it wise to get the pump done at this mileage
52 reg Audi A4 £3500 - a good price?? - CJay{P}
That is a very good price for a regularly maintained car in good condition. Tell me if you are not buying, and the car is not a horrible colour, I will buy it.
52 reg Audi A4 £3500 - a good price?? - bbroomlea{P}
forgot to mention the colour, not too keen on it - Denim blue, or at least thats what I think its called. Would have preferred pillarbox red, however you cant have everything!!

Just checked autotrader and quite shocked at what they normally sell for privately even with over 100K. Looking more and more a bargain.
52 reg Audi A4 £3500 - a good price?? - Altea Ego
Re arrange this well know phrase or saying:

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52 reg Audi A4 £3500 - a good price?? - component part
Lucky sod!!! A national search on Autotrader reveals an X plate A4 115brake with 124K on the clock....for £4800!

Cheapest 130 is 2001 and £5800. Another 130 is asking £5800 with 150K on the clock. Sounds like a steal to me.
52 reg Audi A4 £3500 - a good price?? - bbroomlea{P}
Definately going for it, cant miss it at this price, may sell after a year and still make some money on it. Interestingly the insurance is only £100 a year more than the 214, on fully comp wheras the Rover is on TPFT. Funny how insurance works.
52 reg Audi A4 £3500 - a good price?? - Wales Forester
I have a theory that your dad may be absorbing some of the cost of this car, he may have told you £3500, but no company in their right mind will let a car go for much less than it's market value. I'd guess that this car is worth at least another £1k at auction.

Even if I'm right, it's still a good buy, especially as you know it's history.
I'm with the majority here, go for it.

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