Polo wing mirror-££? - Siba
Hi. Was wondering if someone could help. My 1997 Polo was parked in a residential street when someone decided to kick the wing mirror off while going past. MIndless violence as they didn't smash the glass or take anything. The whole unit was on the floor when I found it. The wires seem ok. The mirror itself is cracked and I need a replacement. Any ideas as to how much I should pay to have this done. Added complication is that my car is silver and the wing mirrors were colour matched. How much will that add to the cost? I live in Liverpool so any recommendations of a decent garage would be gratefully received. I have tried the Corkhills VW dealership on in the past which I found to be expensive.


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Polo wing mirror-££? - Chris S
I know Halfords sell replacement mirror glasses, you might get something to fit there.

Alternatively try a scrap yard, even if if you can't get a silver wing mirror you might be able to get a black one and take the glass out of that.
Polo wing mirror-££? - Siba
Thanks for the reply Chris!

I had a look on t'web and found Wing Mirror Man in Bury,Gtr Mcr - apparently can get me a new wing mirror, paint and fit for me for £83. Seemed helpful enough and he does have a superhero figure on the websire!

He also asked me whether the bonnet had a cut out in the grill for the badge...must confess he lost me at this point as i have no idea what the poistion of the badge has to do with the wing mirror but will check tonight. Any ideas why this is relevant anyone?
Polo wing mirror-££? - VR6
Just had a quick look on the gsf website (gsfcarparts.com). They are quoting £44 inc VAT for a electric heated mirror. Its not clear if that includes the glass. If we assume it does then...

Mirror: £44
Painting: £25-30
Fitting (say half hour at a cheap garage) : £15
Thats £89 total

So your quote sounds about right to me.

If you did it yourself, it would cost £55ish inlcluding the cost of primer, colour coat and laquer from Halfords or similar.

As for the grill - maybe he wants to sell you a VW badge as plebs still like to steal them.
Polo wing mirror-££? - bell boy
there is a bit of a changeover on the grilles on this year and your man is probably looking in the sel .imperial book and he is just making sure he is quoting the right price.
As said gsf, bargain price.............. and whack some halfords paint on it .........job done 20 minutes to affix to car

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