rover 114 gsi coolant change - fence
I dont know how to change the coolant on my Rover 114gsi.There's no space to get to the bottom hose.It seems impossible and very awkward.Does something have to be removed or is there a drainplug located somewhere.I can't find any reference to this procedure in the manuals.I would be very gratefull for any information supplied. Many thanks.
rover 114 gsi coolant change - piston power
not too up on your car but some have a drain at the bottom of the rad,or you can undo the engine drain plug on the block? id go for bottom hose you must be able to get to it how would you change if split? maybe awkward but just have a coffee sit down and rethink i do this usually an answer pops up!! good luck..
rover 114 gsi coolant change - Doc
The 114 does not have a rad. drain plug.
You need to disconnect the bottom hose which is more accessible from underneath.
The difficult part of the job on this engine is getting rid of air locks. Be sure to fill the system very slowly and ensure that the two bleed valves are open.
The Haynes manual covers this job.


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