steering clunk - hyundai coupe - adam f
steering clunks when i turn on full lock. it does it in both directions.

any ideas?
steering clunk - yorkiebar
give us a clue?

what car etc?
steering clunk - piston power
fwd?? rwd?? make, model, year,? possible drive shaft cv joint if fwd but info is required..
steering clunk - adam f
1997 2.0se hyundai coupe {Added to the subject header as per the sticky requests that sometimes get ignored, sigh!! DD}. i am not sure if rear or forward drive
steering clunk - GregSwain
I'm sure these are FWD, because they were based on the old Lantra underpinnings.
steering clunk - hyundai coupe - piston power
anti-roll bar bushes? have you jacked it up and is there any free play? as it just started?
steering clunk - hyundai coupe - adam f
took car for a "pre MOT" to check out things etc etc.

advisory said:

nearside rear anti-rollbar linkage has slight playin ball joint.

the noise seems to be coming from front.

if it is anti roll bar bushes on front do you know how much it would cost to rectify?

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