vauxhall replacement exhaust - jonathanh
Hi guys. The exhaust on my 2.5 Omega has finally given up and I'm trying to decide between the VX dealer (over £300 for the three parts) or a Walker replacement at £170.

What are others views of OEM versus aftermarket parts - I've had aftermarket exhausts before on another car ( deleted - please don't name the brand if you are going to be negative about them - DD) and they were really awful and I don't want to make the same mistake again.

Any thoughts you guys have would be much appreciated as I seem to be running out of luck at the moment (new discs pads, shocks and rear springs in the last two weeks!)
vauxhall replacement exhaust - piston power
i use walker and have done for years they make them for some dealers and have found them to be very good, bosal would be my second choice, as for the rest no thanks.
vauxhall replacement exhaust - yorkiebar
I would think it is likely that walker or bosal make for vauxhall.

I used to prefer bosal but they have got poorer over last few years imo

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