need an estate, £4 -5k, leather etc - shld i go to - spencertheartist
Gentlemen - what should I buy for £4 to £5 thousand, if i need an estate, pref top of the range, petrol or diesel, not bothered about make but reluctantly decided AGAINST mercedes.

Should I go to a car supermarket, bearing in mind that I need to trade-in an alfa gtv in excellent condition?

been reading lately in autocar that mondeo prices are tumbling, should I be looking out for excellent value here?


Re: need an estate, £4 -5k, leather etc - shld i g - David W

Why not a Mercedes?

Re: need an estate, £4 -5k, leather etc - shld i g - Honest John
Go to for a post 97 Mondeo Ghia estate with leather. Excellent value for money. Relatively cheap service bills. Reasonably long-life components.

Re: need an estate, £4 -5k, leather etc - shld i g - Steve G
Sell the GTV privately for best price. Trade centres seem to offer very low trade-in values.
Agree with HJ on GTC and Mondeo. A 406 is likely to be more pricey for sensible milelage example but its also great value.
Feel sorry for you though ! selling a nice sports car for an estate ....
A few more details on the GTV ?, might be interested ....
Re: need an estate, £4 -5k, leather etc - shld i g - James
The GTV sounds nice. Wish I had some cash...
Re: need an estate, £4 -5k, leather etc - shld i g - ROBIN
But as i have said elsewhere,mondeos have such depressing engines,its a Ford tradition.The Vectra has a worse chassis but nicer engines and build,but the 406 is the pick on balance,even if only the 3 litre actually goes.A chipped HDI would be nice but you get the 2.1 for that money,methinks.the dodge with that one is to unplug the exhaust recirculation.
Since this is the second post this evening on this I am now expecting HJ to tell me I've got Ford engines all wrong......if only.Would not be averse to a Ghia x wagon myself otherwise.Its the leatheryou know,it makes me fruity.

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