Audi A3 Indicator Problem - underbonnet
Hi All,

My mother has a problem with her A3 Tdi (51 plate) : the indicators work intermitently and then central locking and interior lights developed a problem. A change of fuse appeared to do the trick initially and all functioned again but the indicators have since deteriorated. Any solutions gratefully received. Could it be it just needs a new indicator stalk as it keeps blowing the fuse or something similar ? If so, does anyone have a good source of used Audi A3 indicator stalk/switches ?

Audi A3 Indicator Problem - adverse camber
Lift the front passenger carpet and confirm that there is no water / damp in the footwell. There is a 'convenience module' ecu that controls c/l, indicators, alarm, interiour lights. If it gets wet you get odd problems with the various bits. The pollen filters leak water into the footwell and ruin the ecu.
Audi A3 Indicator Problem - underbonnet
Many thanks I'll give it a run.
Audi A3 Indicator Problem - underbonnet
Any other suggestions?
Audi A3 Indicator Problem - New2TDI
It could be the relay that is part of the hazard switch if this is the same design as the VW. Try flicking the hazard switch to see if it kicks the indicators in to life.

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