Ciroen zx 1.8 Station Wagon Drive Shaft - mikey64
I am changing the right outer booth on the drive shaft of my zx 95
stationwagon 1.8.

I just wonder how to draw it from the gearbox?

It yokes back and forth about 50 mm.

But I can't get it to let go.

Do you have a picture from the repair manual and/or text describing the
howto instruction?

Many thanks from Mikey in Sweden.
Ciroen zx 1.8 Station Wagon Drive Shaft - RichardW

Presume you are talking about the long shaft that runs across the back of the engine? To get this out you need to release the bearing on the back of the engine. Look under the car, behind the engine just to the right of centre and on the left hand side of the bearing and you will see 2 bolts next to the shaft. Slack the nuts right off (a right pain - you need a deep 11mm socket) then push the bolts towards the right of the car, then rotate them 90°. You should now be able to withdraw the shaft - although they can sometimes need persuading on the back of the bearing with a hammer and drift. If you have some movement in that bearing already chances are somebody has bent the bolts already - they can be tough to get out, but you need to bend them in towards the shaft whilst tapping the end of the bolt (nut wound right back to protect the thread!) with a small hammer.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....

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